About Us:



Sheetal Bags established in 1992, offers a full basket of Ladies products including Handbags, Tote Bags, Ladies Purses, Shopping Bags, Ladies Handbags, Sling Bags, Money Pouches, Clutches and Warli Print Bags. The company designs and manufactures these bags using tough fabrics such as Nylon & Polyester. All Bags are designed to be used for regular and office use.  All bags are very sturdy and quality product which is Best for using in Local Trains (Crowded) also. Most of our purses have unique traditional printing and designs which look professional in all formal and casual occasion.



Short Story about The Founder,

The company SHEETAL BAGS has founded by Mr. MadhukarBorhade in 1992. "SHEETAL" is the name of his Daughter. He started his business while working in an "MSFC", Fort. His Talent was found by his colleagues and staff (Thanks to MANTRALAY Staff) , in year 2000. Then by 2001 he accepted "Voluntary retirement scheme" and started A full-time business. In this journey, his wife Mrs. Chhaya Borhade supported him a lot. And "MUMBAI GRAHAK PANCHAYAT" & "MAHARASHTRA VYAPRI PETH" has given them A wonderful platform where all customer started  Trusting our products and become Loyal to us. In the year 2010, his son KIRAN BORHADE has joined his father and now working together to their mission  "make Customer’s lives Simple & Beautiful".


Our mission

"Our Mission is to simply Create Unique Fashionable products which are “Washable, Durable & Affordable” in order to make Customer’s lives Simple & Beautiful."